Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q Your Apps are not compatible with iOS 11. Can you please update?
A Yes, I'm working with a company to have these re-created. Unfortunately, I do not have enough personal time to re-program them myself.
Q The sub-categories and/or content is not showing correctly. What's the deal?
A Try deleting the App and re-installing from the Apple Store.
Q When I open the App, it immediately closes. What gives?
A This can happen with any App and is most likely due to a partial download. Please delete the App from your device and re-download it from the iTunes AppStore. If this does not fix the problem, let me know.
Q Can you make the App for Droid/Blackberry/Palm/Windows Mobile?
A I do not plan on making versions for other operating systems.
Q Can you add images/pictures/videos/movies to the Apps?
A There are a couple of reasons why images were not added. First, it is extremely difficult to get copyright permission for images. Many authors I contacted were unwilling to share their images unless the App was sold and profit obtained, which is not my intent. Second, programming for the images takes lots of extra time (image rotation, pinch/zoom, saving image zoom state). Also, adding images/movies slowed down loading of the App and the original goal was to make the App as fast as possible.
Q Why Apple?
A At the time I started development, Apple held the largest portion of the medical professional market and the iPod Touch can be purchased without a mobile phone plan. Additionally, I was very impressed with the iPhone SDK (Xcode) development platform. Another study done a year later showed that Apple still held the largest portion of the medical professional market.
Q Why do you charge for the App?
A Previously, I had created these Apps myself and provided them for free. Due to iOS technical changes and limited time on my end, I needed to oursource the software development which significantly increased cost. However, the App still remains non-profit. Thus, net proceeds are being donated toward advancing the professions of Anesthesiology (for Gas Guide) and Osteopathic Medicine (for OMM Guide).

Disclaimer for Gas Guide & OMM Guide

Every clinician is responsible for their actions. This application is to be used as a guide only. It is not meant to replace clinical judgment.

The authors of this application make no claims of the accuracy of the information contained herein. The authors of this application and its content should not be made liable for any injury and/or damage to persons or property arising from the use of this application.

It is the responsibility of the licensed prescriber to double check the indications, contraindications, and dosages of the medications and treatments they prescribe.

Gas Guide & OMM Guide Team (2017 Re-Creation)
James J. Lamberg, Lisa J. Yoo, and Space-O Technologies.

Original Gas Guide Mobile Application Team (2009)
James J. Lamberg, Danny L. Valentine, Laurie A. Swenn, Lisa J. Yoo, Samir T. Mukherjee, Adam M. Chapweske, Wade L. Schulz, and NYSORA.

Original OMM Guide Mobile Application Team (2009)
James J. Lamberg, Lisa J. Yoo, Wade L. Schulz, John R. Leuenberger, Michael Q. M. Huynh, David S. Keith, Nels J. Rose, and Yoonmi M. Kim.

Original Pain Guide Mobile Application Team (2010)
James J. Lamberg, David M. Giampetro, Channing D. Willoughby, Melinda M. Hansen, Yein Lee, Lisa J. Yoo, Robyn G. McEwen, and The American Pain Society.