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Gas Guide: Quick Reference Guide For Perioperative Medicine
Gas Guide is a free medical resource that gives you quick and easy access to anesthesia information, operative safety checklists, and more.
Goals: Provide essential anesthesia information, use the simplest and fastest interface possible, and provide the app for free (no ads either).

Great effort was made to correct errors and ensure up-to-date content. Please let us know if you find any errors and we will fix them. Suggestions for additional content are also appreciated.
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Gas Guide Mobile Application Team
James J. Lamberg, Danny L. Valentine, Laurie A. Swenn, Lisa J. Yoo, Samir T. Mukherjee, Adam M. Chapweske, Wade L. Schulz, and NYSORA.

Gas Guide Application Outline

Airway & Meds By Weight
120kg+ (264lbs+), 100-119kg (220-262lbs), 90-99kg (198-218lbs), 80-89kg (176-196lbs), 70-79kg (154-174lbs), 60-69kg (132-152lbs), 50-59kg (110-130lbs), 40-49kg (88-108lbs), 30-39kg (65-86lbs), 24-29kg (52-64lbs), 19-23kg (41-51lbs), 15-18kg (32-40lbs), 12-14kg (26-31lbs), 10-11kg (21-25lbs), 8-9kg (17-20lbs), 6-7kg (13-16lbs), 4-5kg (8-12lbs), 2-3kg (4-7lbs)

Airway Management
Airway Evaluation, Awake Intubation, Cricothyroidotomy, Difficult Airway Algorithm, Endotracheal Intubation, Extubation Algorithm, Mask Ventilation, Rapid Sequence Induction, Subglottic Stenosis, Supraglottic Airway, Transtracheal Jet Ventilation, Ventilator Settings
Emergency Resuscitation
ACLS: ACS, ACLS: Asystole/PEA, ACLS: Bradycardia, ACLS: Experienced Provider, ACLS: Maternal Arrest, ACLS: Post Arrest, ACLS: Stroke, ACLS: Tachycardia, ACLS: Toxicology, ACLS: Various Facts, ACLS: VF/VT Arrest, BLS: Adult CPR, BLS: Pediatric CPR, NALS: Neonatal CPR, PALS: Asystole/PEA, PALS: Bradycardia, PALS: Cyanotic Neonate, PALS: Drugs, PALS: Post Arrest, PALS: Respiratory, PALS: Septic Shock, PALS: Tachycardia, PALS: VF/VT Arrest
Patient Monitoring
Arterial Line, Arterial Blood Gas, Bispectral Index, Capnography, Depth of Sedation, Echocardiography, Electrocardiography, Fluid & Blood Loss, HR - RR - BP - SpO2, Nerve Stimulator, PA Cath & CV Cath, Values & Formulas
Patient Safety
Anesthesia Mnemonics, Anesthesia Room Setup, ASA Daily Check, ASA Pre-Anesthesia Check, Avoiding Anesthesia Errors, FDA Apparatus Checkout, JCAHO Universal Protocol, Operating Room Fires, Patient Positioning, WHO Surgical Safety Check
Analgesics, Anesthetics: Inhalation, Anesthetics: Intravenous, Anesthetics: Local, Antibiotics: Adult, Antibiotics: Children, Infusions: Adult, Infusions: Children, Medication Overview, Muscle Relaxants, Side Effects: Herbals, Side Effects: Interactions, Side Effects: Medications, Side Effects: QT Drugs
Pre-Operative: Cardiac
Antithrombotics, Cardiac Assessment, Cardiac Devices, Cardiac Murmurs, Cardiac Prophylaxis, Cardiac Risk Index, EuroSCORE Cardiac Surgery, Pulmonary Assessment, Pulmonary Function Tests, Thromboembolism Risk
Pre-Operative: General
Anesthesia Care Plan, ASA Physical Status, Drug Allergies, Glucocorticoid, History & Physical, Pre-Op Tests & Labs, Neuro Information, NPO Guidelines, Preventative Medicine, Psychological & Risks, Spanish Translation
Problems: Common
Bradycardia, Bronchospasm, Delayed Emergence, High Airway Pressures, Hypercarbia, Hypertension, Hypocarbia, Hypotension, Hypoxemia, Myocardial Ischemia, Obstetrical Issues, Oliguria, Post-Op Issues, Tachycardia
Problems: Uncommon
Acute Stridor, Anaphylaxis, Aspiration, Cardiac Arrest, Cardiac Devices, Crisis Algorithm, Dental Injuries, Hemorrhage & Transfusion, Laryngospasm, Local Anesthetic Toxicity, Malignant Hyperthermia, Tension Pneumothorax
Regional Anesthesia
General Principles, Ankle Block, Axillary Block, Bier Block, Fascia Iliaca Block, Femoral Block, Infraclavicular Block, Interscalene Block, Neuraxial Antithrombotics, Neuraxial Epidural Block, Neuraxial Spinal Block, Popliteal Block, Sciatic Block
Vascular Access
Arterial Catheter, CVP Catheter Overview, CVC Femoral Vein, CVC Internal Jugular Vein, CVC Subclavian Vein, Intraosseous Catheter, Peripheral IV Catheter, Pulmonary Artery Catheter, Safe Injection Practices
About & Disclaimer
Disclaimer, About Gas Guide, Anesthesia Aphorisms, Vigilance: The ASA Seal, Go To NYSORA Website, Go To MHAUS Website, Go To ASA Website, Donate To Gas Guide, Go To Feedback Site

Gas Guide Versions

v3.2 (Mar 2014): Added cardiac issues & multiple content updates.
v3.1 (Apr 2013): Added extubation, obstetrical issues, & multiple content updates.
v3.0 (10Oct12): Software update for iPhone 5, iPad, retina display, screen rotation.
v2.9 (21Sep12): iOS 6 Tested. Largest content update since the first release.
v2.8 (14May12): iOS v5.1 Tested. Added RCRI & multiple content updates.
v2.7 (03Oct11): iOS v5.0 Tested. Multiple content updates.
v2.6 (10Jun11): Added chemical dependence, glucocorticoids, & multiple content updates.
v2.5 (31Mar11): Added blocks, cardiac pre-op, resuscitation, & multiple content updates.
v2.4 (28Jan11): Added antibiotics, resuscitation section, & multiple content updates.
v2.3 (05Nov10): Peds epi dosage, pre-op beta-blockers.
v2.2 (24Oct10): Added mnemonics, medications, & minor content updates.
v2.1 (20Jul10): iOS v4.0 Tested. Added Pre-Op: Cardiac & multiple content updates.
v2.0 (30May10): Added Sources, Anesthesia Room Setup, Cardiac Prophylaxis.
v1.3 (06Apr10): iOS v3.2 (iPad) compatibility fixed.
v1.2 (22Mar10): Pediatric airway and medications reorganized per user feedback.
v1.1 (10Feb10): iOS v3.0 required. Pre-op testing revised. Murmurs and ASA link added.
v1.0 (19Jan10): First public release on AppStore.