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OMM Guide: Quick Reference Guide For Osteopathic Medicine
OMM Guide is a free medical resource that gives you quick and easy access to osteopathic medical assessment, techniques, and more.
Goals: Provide essential OMM/OMT information, use the simplest and fastest interface possible, and provide the app for free (no ads either).

Great effort was made to correct errors and ensure up-to-date content. Please let us know if you find any errors and we will fix them. Suggestions for additional content are also appreciated.
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OMM Guide Mobile Application Team
James J. Lamberg, Lisa J. Yoo, Wade L. Schulz, John R. Leuenberger, Michael Q. M. Huynh, David S. Keith, Nels J. Rose, and Yoonmi M. Kim.

OMM Guide Application Outline

Chapman Reflex Points, Cranial, Cervical Spine, Thoracic Inlet, Thoracic Spine, Ribs (Ribcage), Lumbar Spine, Sacrum, Pelvis (Innominate), Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity

Techniques: CS - HVLA - ME
Overview: CS - HVLA - ME, CS: Cervical, CS: Lumbar - Sacrum - Pelvis, CS: Extremity, HVLA: Cervical, HVLA: Thoracic - Ribs, HVLA: Lumbar - Sacrum - Pelvis, HVLA: Extremity, ME: Cervical - Thoracic, ME: Ribs Exhalation, ME: Ribs Inhalation, ME: Lumbar - Sacrum, ME: Pelvis, ME: Extremity
Techniques: Others
Chapman Reflex Points, Cranial, Facilitated (FPR), Inhibition, Ligamentous (BLT), Lymphatic Techniques, Myofascial Release (MFR), Sequencing, Soft Tissue (ST), Spencer Techniques, Still Techniques, Visceral Techniques
Orthopedic & Special Tests
Neck Tests, Shoulder Tests, Elbow Tests, Wrist Tests, Spine Tests, Pelvis Tests, Knee Tests, Ankle Tests, Ranges of Motion
Neurology & Miscellaneous
Historical Dates, Miscellaneous Facts, Neuro: Autonomic, Neuro: Back Pain, Neuro: Cranial Nerves, Neuro: Exam & Levels, Neuro: Parasympathetic, Neuro: Sympathetic, OMT Contraindications, Osteopathic Principles
Evidence Based Medicine
Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Gynecology, Nephrology, Neurology, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Pulmonology, Surgery
Example OMT Protocols
Acute Coronary Syndrome, Congestive Heart Failure, Headache, Postoperative, Pregnant, Pulmonary
Medical Billing & Coding
Correctly Coding, CPT Codes, E&M Codes, E&M Coding, ICD-9-CM Codes, ICD-10-CM Codes, ICD-10-PCS Codes, Medicare Secondary
About & Disclaimer
Disclaimer, About OMM Guide, The Osteopathic Oath, Pledge of Commitment, Go To ACOFP Website, Go To JAOA Website, Go To AOA Website, Donate To OMM Guide, Go To Feedback Site

OMM Guide Versions
v3.2 (Mar 2014): Minor changes from user feedback.
v3.1 (05Apr13): Minor changes from user feedback.
v3.0 (13Oct12): Software update for iPhone 5, iPad, retina display, screen rotation.
v2.8 (07May12): iOS v5.1 Tested. Minor changes from user feedback.
v2.7 (03Oct11): iOS v5.0 Tested. Minor changes from user feedback.
v2.6 (10Jun11): Minor changes from user feedback.
v2.5 (31Mar11): Minor changes from user feedback.
v2.4 (28Jan11): Updated assessment, changes from user feedback.
v2.3 (05Nov10): Updated thoracic inlet, changes from user feedback.
v2.2 (23Sep10): Multiple content updates. Added Contraindications & Misc Facts.
v2.1 (20Jul10): iOS v4.0 Tested. Added Carpal Tunnel Release. Updated chapman pts.
v2.0 (30May10): Techniques re-organized. Evidence Based Medicine section added.
v1.3 (06Apr10): iOS v3.2 (iPad) compatibility fixed.
v1.2 (25Feb10): Updated coding, added ICD-10 codes, removed E&M codes.
v1.1 (10Feb10): iOS v3.0 required. ACOFP, JAOA, AOA links added.
v1.0 (15Dec09): First public release on AppStore.